Our Accreditation and Affiliation

To ensure that we are in a position to deliver the best service to the children in our care we keep up to date with the latest childcare news and developments and adhere to industry regulations which are regularly checked and thoroughly inspected.



  • Ofsted perform regular inspections to provide information to parents, to promote improvement and to be held accountable for the public money we receive. Inspections are required by law. They provide an independent assessment of the quality and standards of our education, and check whether pupils are achieving as much as they can.
    During the inspection, the inspector will:

    • Check registration details and assess compliance with, and the provider’s understanding of, the requirements of registration
    • Assess the safety of the registered premises and whether the provider has effectively assessed and minimised any risks
    • Talk to the provider, the children and any parents or staff members and observe the provision to make sure policies are being put into practice
    • Assess any staff’s understanding of policies and procedures
    • Look at the recruitment policies, where applicable
    • Look at the arrangements for making sure unvetted people do not have unsupervised access to children

  • The Pre-school Learning Alliance is the largest and most representative early years membership organisation in England. A registered educational charity, the Alliance represents 14,000 member settings and supports them to deliver care and learning to over 800,000 families every year. They offer information and advice, produce specialist publications, run acclaimed training and accreditation schemes and campaign to influence early years policy and practice.
    The Alliance supports childcare providers and parents to ensure that every family receives access to the right kind of high quality early learning opportunities in a caring, safe and secure space. They actively involve parents in decisions about their child’s learning and development, and work across communities to encourage them to better understand and actively participate in early years and family services across the country.
    We work with Alliance members, families, partners and practitioners to:

    • Champion childhood and children’s right to play
    • Be an advocate for children, families and all childcare providers
    • Put the family first to enhance children’s life chances
    • Promote and support each child’s learning to offer them best possible start in life
    • Encourage voluntary community involvement in early years provision
    • Deliver high quality, responsive childcare services to best meet the needs of families with young children
    • Encourage safeguard-led practice
    • Raise standards and quality of childcare
    • Ensure that families have choice and information to make the right decision about the childcare they need
    • Provide high quality training support and advice

  • National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) began as a group of nurseries who came together to share good practice and ideas.
    Today, we are a rapidly growing, award-winning national charity with a committed and thriving membership across England, Scotland Wales and internationally.
    Our aim is, and will always be, to make sure children get the best possible start in life. By empowering childcare settings to run high quality, sustainable businesses, we know children will benefit from the best care and learning, helping them to reach their potential.
    Who benefits from our support?
    If you care for a child, we’re here to support you with the latest, best-practice advice and support.
    Nurseries, people working in early years, local authorities and international nurseries each have their own membership to make sure each one receives exactly the right kind of support from us.
    What exactly do we do at NDNA?
    We know that to achieve our mission of excellent care and early learning, will take a gradual process of training, support and encouragement; we’re constantly providing that support to our members through access to the latest training and ensuring their voices are heard through our influential surveys and campaigns.
    We’re constantly campaigning for national government to secure a positive future for the childcare sector; recognising great performance through our annual nursery awards; and giving expert advice to our members whenever they need us.

  • We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), an independent authority in the UK that promotes openness of official information and protection of private information. According to its Web site, the ICO does this “by promoting good practice, ruling on eligible complaints, providing information to individuals and organisations, and taking appropriate action when the law is broken.”
    The ICO oversees:

    • The Data Protection Act
    • The Freedom of Information Act
    • The Environmental Information Regulations
    • The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations

  • We are insured by Royal Sun Alliance (RSA), because even in the best run childcare organisation, accidents can happen and problems can arise. Childcare providers of all kinds need insurance to protect them if a child is hurt, an individual makes a claim for injury against them or if property or equipment is damaged.
    Why do we need insurance?
    We need insurance to protect us if any of the following should happen:

    • A member of staff or volunteer makes a claim for injury
    • A child is hurt
    • Your property is damaged
    • You are a victim of theft
    • Property belonging to another person is damaged

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