What can the children do here?

Activities are numerous and vary from day to day, all seven areas of learning are covered within the Nursery and children are able to spend time in their chosen areas.


The children spend time in the ever changing role play areas, craft activities ranging from cooking, painting, sticking, playing with natural resources to construction. In fact, too numerous to list!


We have lovely outside space at both Nurseries and again the gardens are regularly changed to encourage children’s learning and interests, we have a bespoke play house here at Plantin House which the children love, a mud kitchen and various other resources.


The children are grouped roughly by age but we are able to adjust this to suit the individual.


As we offer a range of extra curricular activities, children join other age groups for French, Musical Fun Time and Ballet. The different age groups all merge for breakfast and teatime as we feel this helps maintain our special family atmosphere and the children like to integrate with their peers as they develop their social skills.

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